A great wine is like a meeting... Each element is important.
"When nature and man join their strength..."

The wood

Demanding on the quality of our barrels, we select with our suppliers of staves, oaks coming from the best french forests.

Drying wood

After receiving the dowel (wood split according to son) rigorous checks are made according to our specifications. And analyzes are performed by an independent certified laboratory to verify the quality of the wood.

Wood is piled up and dried in the open air.


The assembly in rose fashion is carried out after a rigorous selection of each douelle.



The heating of the hulls, essential stage in the making of a barrel, is carried out by a team of people qualified in brazero fed with wood falls. The know-how to these coopers ensures a quality which is very particular to the barrels.


Bottoms are gathered with wooden dowels and their tightness is provided by rush leaves.

To keep tracking of our products, all our barrels are identified with an unique id.